how-to make a wax injector for jewelry casting patterns

You’ll you need is Rival crock pot that has a low heat setting and some sort of metal-syringe-like injection device (I use a small air cylinder) with enough mass and volume to keep the wax at flow temperature long enough to be able to pull your injector from the crock pot and make your pattern shot. The other requirement for the wax syringe is to size the injector opening to achieve flow at a low pressure (about 5 psi)…mine is about .062 diameter. ¬†You may need to set your crock pot on the high heat setting if your wax has a higher flow temp…the wax I use flows at 155 F.


how-to make a pattern mold with cold molding silicone

Belicone Silicone, Belicold 2 Part Cold Molding Silicone Putty…If for whatever reason you are having difficulties reproducing intricate details in your pattern mold or the cold-mold process is new to you …this may help. My recommendation is based solely on performance, I don’t have any ties to the manufacturer.

I decided to try this material based on it’s usage in the dental industry and you’ll see in the video that it doesn’t require any specialized equipment to make a mold. As a matter of fact my process is very crude, but so far the results have been excellent. Key points to making this stuff work:…keep it clean…apply plenty of pressure (make sure you have enough material in your mold frame to do so)…weigh each part of the 50-50 mix on a scale…work fast because you only have a couple of minutes before it starts to set. Because the material is flexible, make sure you follow instructions concerning the mold-size to part-size ratio.